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Donors as of March 6, 2011

$5,000 and above

Marvin and Isa Leibowitz, Christopher Schuman, Miami Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs, City of Miami Beach

$2,500 and above

Talent Recruiters, Inc., Williamson Automotive, International Finance Bank, Leo and Patricia Rinaldi, Shaloma Shawmut Lessner

$2,000 and above

Citizens Interested in Arts, Inc.

$1,000 and above

Philip F. Balbi, Anne Cotter, Thomas Moore and Reginald Whitehead, Gordon Murray, Guillermo and Maggie Retchkimen, Carolina Rojas, Sam & Gita Rosenwald, City of Coral Gables

$500 and above

Evelyn Langlieb Greer, Barbara K. Lefcourt, David and Olga Melin, Nicholas and Sheila Rinaldi, Rowland Coffee Roasters, Rebecca Stanier-Shulman , Dr. Billy and Lydia Yeh

$250 and above

George Feldner - GigsUp, Inc., Drs. Moises and Inez Goldszmidt, Gina Melin, Milieu International, Rosalina and Harold Sackstein

$100 and above

Evelyn K. Axler, Eduardo Barreda, Claire & John Broe, Chris and Jim Carpenter, Margarita Kilpatrick , Robert & Mildred Kirsner, Ralph Lutrin & Allan Lewis, Grizel Maldonado, Robert & Tetsuko Miller, Thomasine Morris, Mary Oztmel, Peggy Hall & Sandra Riley, Phillip & Regina Rinaldi, Margaret Seroppian, Joanne Martinez Von Gonten and Kurt Von Gonten

$50 and above

Janet Barbour, Nancy Chiang, Henry Fandrei, Harry Goldszmidt, Bettye Hudson, Dr. Lawrence Kessler, Gloria Mendia, Hilda Morillas, Keith and Robin Nellis, Rafael & Hortensia Reynaldos, Members of Beta Sigma Phi






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