Four Family-Friendly Concerts Designed to Introduce Your Kids to the Arts through Music!

Each Concert lasts approximately 1 hour

Live Stream Tickets Available!!

Four Sunday Afternoons at
Pinecrest Gardens
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Attend the Concerts Live or Watch in Your Home!

At Pinecrest Gardens: Kids (age 3-17) = $5; Seniors (65 & up) = $12; Adults = $15
Live Stream Ticket= $15 per household
Beethoven Lives Upstairs
Sunday, Nov. 8th @ 3 PM
Click on Image for info on each show!
Matthew Sabatella & the Rambling String Band
Matthew Sabatella & the Rambling String Band
Sunday, Jan. 31st @ 3 PM
The Amazing Adventires of Alvin Allegretto
The Purple Palace
The Purple Palace
March 28th @ 3 PM
The Amazing Adventures of
Alvin Allegretto
Sunday, Jan. 12th @ 3 PM