Recorded Feb 8, 2015

Live in Collin Park

Celebrate Miami Beach's 100th Birthday with Orchestra Miami!

Orchestra Miami takes you on a musical tour of the City of Miami Beach, from the city's founding year of 1915 to the present. Watch the entire concert, or pick & choose!

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An Outdoor Overture by Aaron Copland

Written for the High School of Music and Art in NYC for a campaign entitled "American Music for American Youth". It's called "Outdoor" because of it's open-air quality. You can read more about it HERE.

The "Original" Ragtime Band-
A Celebration of the Ragtime Era
(arranged by Bob Wendel)
Miami Beach was incorporated in 1915- to read a brief synopsis of Miami Beach's history, click HERE. In 1915, Ragtime reigned supreme- this unique musical style was instantly recognizable from its syncopated or "ragged" rhythm. Learn more about Ragtime HERE.
Orange Blossom Special by Rouse/Wise (arranged by Bob Wendel)
The Orange Blossom Special was a deluxe passenger train which connected NYC to Miami and helped popularize Miami Beach as a luxury winter destination. The fiddle tune by Bill Rouse was inspired by this luxurious train- you can read about the song and its inspiration HERE
The Armed Forces March
 (arranged by Bob Wendel)
Miami Beach was transformed into the world's most beautiful boot camp, as nearly half a million service men took over hotels, restaurants, theaters and gold courses for training for the US armed forces. Read more about it HERE and HERE
Andalucia Suite by Ernesto Lecuona (arranged by Gordon Jenkins)
After the Cuban revolution, over half a million Cubans arrived in Miami and Miami Beach, changing our city forever. Ernesto Lecuona was one of Cuba's most important and popular composers.
Swing, Ludwig, Swing (arr Bob Wendel)
Big Band Music or "Swing Music" was all the rage during the World War II era. Orchestra Miami is known for our annual "Beethoven on the Beach" concerts- enjoy this mix-up of Beethoven & Big Band!
When TV Was Young
(arranged by Bob Wendel)
In the 1950's, Miami Beach became a major hub for television broadcasting, thanks to the efforts of Arthur Godfrey and others. Read more about this bit of history HERE
Overture to La Cage Aux Folles by Jerry Herman (arranged by Bob Wendel)
After a decade or more of decline in the 70's and early '80's, Miami Beach began to see a revitalization with the influx of many Gay Men and Lesbians, who purchased and lovingly restored the many Art Deco properties on Miami Beach. The 1996 movie, "The Bird Cage", was filmed in Miami Beach and based on "La Cage aux Folles", a play by Jen Poiret. The 1983 musical of the same name by Jerry Herman and Harvey Fierstein ran for more than four years and won six Tony awards.

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