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Folk Music of Argentina 
for Families

Sunday, July 11th 2021 @ 3PM

ROSA INCAICA promo (002).jpg

With Duo Rosa Incaica

At the Miami Beach Woman's Club

In-person tickets are $5 for Kids, $12 for Seniors, $15 for Adults, $36 for a Family Pack (2 kids + 2 Adults)

Livestream tickets are available starting at just $5!

Learn about Argentinian Folk Music with

Duo Rosa Incaica!!!

Introduce your kids to the rich music of Argentina in a program of tango and Argentine folk songs performed and narrated by Rosa Incaica! The Argentinean voice and guitar duo performs an interactive concert of the classics, as well as a mix of traditional folk music from Argentina in a program for the whole family – including songs by Astor Piazzolla, Maria Elena Walsh and Atahualpa Yupanqui.

ROSA INCAICA, a name alluding to the sacred stone of the Incas, is the confluence of the artistic work of Danish-American singer Annelise Skovmand – possessor of an expressive, unique vocal timbre – and Argentine guitarist Pablo González Jazey – with his subtle style. Together, more then two decades ago, they began their quest to perform songs that speak to the soul and bring to life the stories behind the texts. Performing a fusion of classical chamber music with popular and ethnic traditions, ROSA INCAICA combines the discipline and technique of the classical music world with the spirit and freedom of folk and popular music. For ROSA INCAICA there is not just one genre of music -- only quality music that touches people’s hearts, and they bridge these two worlds with a profound emotionality.

Guitarist Pablo González Jazey – with his subtle style – and singer Annelise Skovmand – possessor of an expressive, unique vocal timbre – take audiences on a musical journey through Argentina and Latin America with their unique interpretations of traditional and contemporary folk songs from the region. The group's musical expedition combines repertoire rooted in the folk tradition, including original compositions, with arrangements that broach the classical chamber music world. Check them out on Youtube!

Duo Rosa Incaica: Hornero

Duo Rosa Incaica: El último café

There is limited metered parking in the lot adjacent to the club, and on Pine Tree Drive. Or take the Miami Beach trolley to 24th street at Collins Ave, cross the canal at the footbridge on the West side of Collins Ave.

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