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Musical Stories from
Around the Globe

Sunday, February 19th - 3:00PM - Pinecrest Gardens

Landmarks around the world
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Single Concert Tickets
One concert, one low price!
Child/Student: $8
Adult: $15
Senior: $12
Family Pack (2 adult + 2 kids): $39

Family Fun Subscription
THREE Concerts 20% off ticket prices!
Child/Student: $19.50
Adult: $36
Senior: $28.50
Family Pack (2 adult + 2 kids): $110.25

Travel Around the World through Music!

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Orchestra Miami presents the music of Victoria Bond in four compositions based on stories from around the world: “The Long-Haired Girl”, based on a Chinese folk tale about a girl who saves villagers from dying of thirst, “Corn in the Rock”, based on a Mayan folk tale that tells about how Coyote steals the corn form the other animals, and how they work together to get it back, “Babies Can’t Eat Kimchi” about two Korean sisters and their unbreakable bond and “Listen to the Wind”, based on a Pakistani Folk song. Performed by the chamber ensemble of Orchestra Miami, with guest performers The Coral Springs Children's Choir, led by Anthony Zoeller.

Sunday, February 19th @ 3 PM
Pinecrest Gardens
11000 SW 57 Avenue
Pinecrest, FL 33156
Free on-site parking!

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