Sunday, Jan. 12th

3:00 PM

The Amazing Adventures of Alvin Allegretto
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An Opera by Bruce Adolphe

Learn about the art of opera as Orchestra Miami presents

The Amazing Adventures of Alvin Allegretto

an opera by Bruce Adolphe & Sarah Schlesinger. In the town of Harmony, everybody sings... everybody, that is, except Alvin Allegretto. His parents take him to see one expert after another to find a cure for his strange condition but only Alvin, with the help of the audience, can find the answer.

Advance Purchase Tickets: $10- Kids (3-17), $12 Seniors (65 & Up), $15 Adults

(Ticket Surcharges at the Door)

Free Lap Seating for Children under 3

Juice & Cookies after the show!
Kyaunnee Richardson
as Alice Allegretto
Shanna Nolan Gundry
as Alma Allegretto
Nate Poses as
Alvin Allegretto
Scott Tripp Vidal
as Alfred Allegretto
Lloyd Reshard as
Uncle Albert Allegretto
Come early for the
Instrument Petting Zoo provided by Allegro Music Center
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